Resilience of relational values

In this study, we developed a novel approach for estimating the potential direct and indirect impacts of environmental change or restrictive environmental policies on local human communities. The approach combines network science (from the perspective of disturbance likelihood) with resilience thinking, and relies on the concepts of relational environmental values, cultural keystone species and pluralistic perspective on environmental governance.

Some really nice compliments from an anonymous peer-reviewer about this study: “I applaud the way in which the authors manage to inter-weave concepts, methods and theoretical developments from different bodies of scholars literature (e.g. network science, social-ecological systems, indigenous axiological studies). I am confident that this article will break much new ground and guide future work on relational values“.

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Yletyinen J., Tylianakis J.M., Stone C., Lyver P.O’B. 2022. Potential for cascading impacts of environmental change and policy on indigenous culture. Ambio.

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