Values and invasive species management

Some results of our study on the preferences and value that the New Zealand public holds for invasive species management are now available at MWLR website: please click HERE or read the summary below.

The study investigates preferences and estimate values that New Zealanders place on controlling wilding conifers over the next 20 years in the 10 regions that are most affected by wilding pines. It is based on 1180 survey responses. The results suggest there is willingness to pay for management of wilding conifers in native ecosystems, and that people are more willing to pay for the control of the invasion near the place they live than further away – especially if they are familiar with the problems resulting from the invasion. Furthermore, the results indicate that the NZ public in general values wilding conifer control.

Wilding conifers could invade around 20 per cent of New Zealand within 20 years. Improved understanding on the public attitudes and preferences on wilding conifer control enables designing more efficient management strategies for controlling invasive species.

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