Network models of indigenous sustainability

New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has announced the 2021 successful Endeavour Fund projects, including the funding of NZD 15.950.000 for Te Weu o te Kaitiaki – Indigenous regeneration pathways research programme. Te Weu o te Kaitiaki funding bid was co-lead by Dr. Phil Lyver and me.

The Te Weu o te Kaitiaki research programme integrates indigenous science with network science in novel ways to identify and analyse key interdependencies between environment and cultural resources for the purpose of improving ecosystem health and wellbeing of human communities. In essence, this research seeks to understand and design sustainable environmental governance that improves ecosystem health and supports the culture and well-being of indigenous peoples (indigenous adaptation and regeneration pathways). The guiding perspective of the research programme is that to preserve the environment, people must understand the integral connectedness between people and the environment. In contrast, worldviews which “disconnect humans from nature” have driven unprecedented global environmental degradation.

During the five years of the research programme, new knowledge will be produced by collaborating across New Zealand Māori entities, research institutes, consultancies, government agencies and multiple interest groups, including researchers and communities from different countries.

Read the announcement for the Endeavour 2021 funding here.

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